08-03-2020 DM ENERGY UPDATE-While I’m at work!

Channeled this while at work at the coffee shop.

I only work a few days a week at the coffee shop what with the whole COVID19 Quarantine bullshit. Today, after a wee bit of a rush, it slowed down enough so that I could read my book. My buddy Wayne found this old book on how to read tarot cards while cleaning out his storage shed and thought I could use it. Could I?? I was way grateful and grabbed it.

While I do love my new super powers, being able to channel Spirit and such, sometimes they can be a pain in the butt. What I mean is sometimes the stuff comes out or PULLS me at a time when I am not at my table with my candles and meditation music on. I once got pulled hard right out of the shower. Like, I was still in my towel as I am saying out loud, “Right now?? Okay okay,” and I grab a pen. I will post the video once I find it.

Today was one of those days. I was at work and my coworker buddy Ariel and I are finally able to sit. She is an artist and was doodling on her tablet and I was reading my new little tarot book. I had my notebook out for taking notes as well. I also had my New Beginnings playlist on the shop speakers. The song ‘Message In a Bottle’ by The Police came on and the hair stood up on my arms suddenly. I remembered that I had heard it lots in the past week. I also then remembered I heard the song ‘Please Mr. Postman’ by The Marvelettes yesterday. I then felt my heart pound hard a few times.

Uh-oh. I know what this means and this is not the time nor place for it. My breathing grows heavier and now I am feeling anxious. I grab a pen and start writing everything down. You can tell in the picture when the channeling actually begins because it is usually a bunch of scribble first. I told myself I wanted to start a journal every time I get these feelings to keep track of it. I try my best not to let my coworker see my face and movements, though she is only sitting 3 feet away from me. I also felt WAY guided to post this on my blog. That tells me that one or more of you reading this must need to hear it.

I lost my voice a few days ago and I am not quite back to normal, so I am typing out the reading. This is the DM energy for the collective as of today 08-03-2020 at 10:25am. I am not sure what disclaimer I am supposed to have, if anything, but I will say like all the other readers say, “This is a general reading. Take what resonates and squash the rest.”

***In the last 48 hours, I have heard the songs ‘Message In a Bottle’ by The Police, ‘Talk To Me’ by Stevie Nicks, ‘Talk’ by Coldplay and ‘Please Mr. Postman’ by The Marvelettes. The first three I just listed I have heard more than once in the last 48 hours. I am feeling BIG TIME that communication is coming for some twin flames out there who are in physical separation. I feel like there are some Divine Feminines out there who have blocked and/or cut off their DM’s completely despite the telepathy requests they get from their DM’s to text them and the DM’s are struggling with that.

DF’s in the collective are totally standing in their power today and your DM’s are feeling it. Thus, the song ‘Independent Woman Pt 1’ by Destiny’s Child. It’s awesome! I feel some are moving on to dating others and even starting relationships with those they are connecting with. (Soulmates?)

FYI, while I did not hear it today, I have been hearing the song ‘Jealous Guy’ by John Lennon and ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’ by Rick Springfield LOTS in the last two, maybe, three weeks. Even though some DM’s are in third-party situations with spouses, toxic or not, they are definitely feeling the jealousy of their DF’s being with someone else.

I have seen the following in the last 24 hours: 717 twice and then yesterday, I shit you not, I saw 111, 222, 333 and 444. I saw 555 the day before that. 717 tells me physical contact with the DM’s and DF’s in the collective is coming. (That does NOT necessarily mean sexual contact, just so you know.)

The words ACTION, MOVEMENT and SCARED that came out, along with the feelings of anxiousness and nervousness I felt while channeling all this, also tells me some DM’s are ready to contact their DF’s. I feel they are scared to come forward because of past harm/mistakes they have made. Some feel bad about ghosting. I also feel some are coming with offers of a new start and feel they will be rejected by their DF’s.

The song ‘Edge of Seventeen’ by Fleetwood Mac makes me feel like some of you have an age gap between you and with the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People, it makes me feel like they have issues with caring too much what people think. I feel like some DM’s in this collective are with spouses they do not want to be with. I feel like some feel trapped and/or obligated due to peer or family pressure. (I just heard ‘moms’)

I then heard ‘Flesh For Fantasy’ by Billy Idol and when that song popped on at the end of my channeling session and I felt a sudden jolt of arousal. That told me DM’s are thinking about their DF’s sexually. They often fantasize about the time they have spent with you or they are fantasizing about the first time they get to be with you. (AWE YEAH)

The last bit are DNA activation codes. I felt determination, strength and love while writing them. This tells me DM’s are through doing what others think is right for them and they are taking that leap of faith to make that call, send that letter or text and speak their truth. (Whoa…I just heard ‘Will you have me?’ DUDE, I feel like some of you are getting marriage proposals.)

Anyhoo, that is what I was told/guided to post today. I am behind in my daily posts trying to get organized and deal with my current situation with Art, my twin flame catalyst. This is the part where I realize that this is also a toxic relationship and need to break free from it. It’s his two little girls that make it hard for me to just go ‘no contact’ with him. I love those little nuggets like they were my own little girls. There are some other factors I will not disclose on this post, but will be in my book. Stalking eyes read this and are up to no good.

I don’t know who Sylvia or Jordan are, but those two names just popped into my head, and since I do not know a Sylvia or a Jordan, this must be for you, too.

Thanks for stopping by to read all this. If anything resonated, feel free to comment. I still kinda trip out when those I do readings for other twin flames and they tell me things, like, “Wow! You are right on point!” or “I can’t believe how much resonated with my reading.”

Links to the lyrics of all songs referenced will be at the bottom of the page.

I have done 8 readings, both for friends and other twin flames, and so far with them resonating, I am 8-0. I have two more coming for two very patient DF’s out there when I lost my voice, so those will be coming shortly. They will be written just like this. šŸ™‚

***Private Readings***

If you would like a private reading, please email me at: imaguppynotashark@gmail.com. Typing the words: FREE READING in the subject line helps grab my attention when checking email. It’s not necessary, I’m just sayin. Your first reading is always free with me. Why charge you when I could always be full of shit? šŸ™‚

Laters y’all. A shout out to Summer, my soul sister! Lovin’ your light!


‘Talk To Me’ https://genius.com/Stevie-nicks-talk-to-me-lyrics

‘Talk’ https://genius.com/Coldplay-talk-lyrics

‘Please Mr. Postman’ https://genius.com/The-marvelettes-please-mr-postman-lyrics

‘Message In A Bottle’ https://genius.com/The-police-message-in-a-bottle-lyrics

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‘Flesh For Fantasy’ https://genius.com/Billy-idol-flesh-for-fantasy-lyrics

One thought on “08-03-2020 DM ENERGY UPDATE-While I’m at work!

Add yours

  1. Dear beautiful soul sister , I really enjoyed your post today. I have been waiting for this.
    I have been seeing 222, 333, 444, 555 111,1111, 1222, every day. I wake up in the night to 1222 and 7:17 in the morning.
    I have been trying to date someone but I am not feeling the connection even though I like this person. I can only feel DM and it seems like he is upset with me.
    I wish he would just come forward and do something.
    Thank you sweetheart and sending you lots of love and hugs ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļøšŸ¤—šŸ¤—šŸ¤—


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