07-11-2020 Twin Flame Telepathy. Better than walkie talkies?

***DM thoughts in BOLD type***

At first I thought yes, this telepathy stuff was better than walkie talkies. After using it a bit and getting better at understanding what thoughts are mine and what thoughts are his, I know now this is definitely better than walkie talkies.

I can feel my DM thinking about me right this second and it’s a hard pull in my chest going outward in a ripple all throughout my body. This has got to be the weirdest feeling I have ever experienced. And there it goes. Right down to my pants. I was waiting for that. Crazy how this happens?? I know it has got to be happening to some of you reading this.

(‘I Feel Good I Got You’ by James Brown) https://genius.com/James-brown-and-the-famous-flames-i-got-you-i-feel-good-lyrics

I just made some edits and the feeling is not as strong, but is lingering. This is always the best time to write this shit. It is all the truth and never are there any voices-always thoughts. I have my New Beginnings playlist with around 400 songs. I ask Spirit to guide the playlist using my DM’s energy and these are the songs I have heard today. I started this post with the James Brown song. So long as i can keep listening without being interrupted, I should be able to have a decent post put out today and start to work on some consistency.

I hear you, yes. Why not?

You are thinking too fast. Slow down or I can’t understand what you are trying to tell me. Were you really thinking of that earlier? A


Wow. Did you just do that? I …there it is again. What are you doiong over tnefered stop it ima at the socfee hope shop’


wHY is my beraathing getting deaper right now?

(‘Blurry’ by Puddle of Mudd) https://genius.com/Puddle-of-mudd-blurry-lyrics

You are making me look silly.

You don’t need any help looking silly.

That is not the first time you have had that thought, you know…

I know.

I pulled some cards the other night..to get some answers to some things…because you know, I can do THAT shit, now…

Okay, what do you think you now know?

Smart ass. If I am wrong, meh. So what? Life goes on and it’s no skin off my butt. But…if I am right…this is the place to insert the ‘wicked grin’ emoji.

Fine. Tell me.

First off, I’m afraid Donald Trump will be re-elected this year. Yeah, I know.

(I know you understand that. 5D. You do not need to write that stuff, Christina.) Slow your brain down.

I’m trying lol I can’t stop laughing and I swear Richard, our regular, is confident I need to be in an insane asylum.

You have to learn how to control it.

Yes Obi Wan.

You did not just roll your eyes at me.

Yes, yes I did and you know I did. That is another thing cool about this telepathy thing. It’s like the thought is that fast that you or I already know the answer. And yes I was going to mention that. You can stop reminding me. Because, the nag always begins with a ‘You” rather than an ‘I’. Instead of suddenly having the thought, “Oh yeah, I still need to finish my blog post,” it’s instead, “Don’t forget you need to post your blog post before you leave. You told yourself you were going to do it.” And it has your tone and face behind the thought.

Which face?

The one where you tilt you head down a little, but keep your eyes up at me, like when are telling me something I know I should already know. Then the crossed arms across your chest energy comes through. Your ‘trying to bullshit me’ face is the best face you make, though. That cute little face you made at me when I was at your apartment and I asked you something about whether you have ever fooled around with a guy. You scrunch up your face and shake your head back and forth all while saying, “Psshh, no, no, I would NEVER do…pshh no, that’s disgusting..no, no, that, no way..” Adorable.

(‘Adorn’ by Miguel) https://genius.com/Miguel-adorn-lyrics

(‘Havin’ My Baby’ by Paul Anka) https://genius.com/Paul-anka-youre-having-my-baby-lyrics

Yeah, I know you want to knock me up.

You are making the flirty face right now.

You do not know that.

Yes, I do and you are still making it. Ok, now you are frowning.

I’m serious…these new faces I make..these new habits of biting my right thumb nail when I get nervous or need to concentrate on something. I can’t wait to find out what new quirks and faces, if any, that you picked up since meeting me.

Um, you play this song WAY OFTEN. I do, know why. I sometimes cannot keep up with how fast the thoughts go to get them out by typing this post.

You need to slow down your thinking.

It’s yours, too, you know.

Slow them down.


It is not hard, Christina.

Stop making that face at me.

What, are you HERE right now??? Because, it FEELS like you are sitting in the chair next to me leaning over my keyboard with me right this minute and for the last twenty minutes!

I am not shouting.

You tell me that same thing, do you not?

Wise ass. And yes, I do. Okay okay. I got it. I didn’t mean to

roll your eyes?

I swear I didn’t mean it. Like, I caught it right as I did it and

you knew I would know and are now trying to back pedal through it because you know it was an immature thing to do?


Okay, then.

I am going to make a frozen lemonade.

Don’t you dare. They are closing up shop and you still need to post this.

K go away.

I am not going anywhere. Just concentrate on what you are doing before I start calling you ‘Dorrey’. I’m not sure I am spelling it right either, but you know what I mean.

Oh yeah! I was going to post the link to those sites I found the other day on twin flame telepathy.

(Pneuma’ by Tool) https://genius.com/Tool-pneuma-lyrics

The following are a few snips I grabbed from a website that helped me understand that what I was going through was not because of some undiscovered illness like schizo-polar disorder or something crazy like that. I will post the link to this site at the end of this post along with any other links I might mention.

Yep, sounds about right so far…Mind you, I found all this stuff two years -after I started experiencing these symptoms. (Picking up this post today, 07-14-2020)

I swear I always just think it’s just a fly or an invisible mosquito.

That last one there, #8. That is the one that convinced me, at first, that I was crazy and I am positive others believe I truly am crazy. It’s fun now. It wasn’t before.

You have it in you. USE it. ALL of you.

Now one thing I do know it that the 3D self of my DM is probably oblivious to all this and if he is reading my blog, he is making that face of his wondering what the hell I am talking about.

I am certain it is the 5D part of my very divine, DM, that I have this telepathy with, though I also know that his 3D level is meshing into the 5D level slowly. I know this because I feel his essence more lately than I have ever before. Truly, I will not know until communication hits and I get confirmation on some of this. For example, who knows if he bought a new white truck with a double cab? I do not reeeeally know. If I am wrong, who cares? But, if I am right…? That’s frickin’ crazy awesome that I would know that strictly off telepathy. And the white truck is not the only thing. I have tons to confirm. (What is this Great Awakening 2012 and The Great Event 2029 all about that I channeled a couple months ago anyway?)

It’s like he is here, but invisible. It’s like having him as my invisible friend around me 24/7 and it’s pretty cool. Okay, VERY cool.

It allows me to move on with my life and concentrate on what I need to concentrate on and that is self care and service to others. Oh and research. Researching more of this and that with regard to what is part of my mission.

I really cannot wait to take of his pants, though.

With that, I am out for this post. Later awesome souls.

Links used in today’s post were:




Closing song upon wrap up of this post is: ‘Is This Love?’ by Whitesnake https://genius.com/Whitesnake-is-this-love-lyrics

I have heard this twice today.

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