07-01-2020 Twin Flames Come With Super Powers!


I shit you NOT. Last night was the clinker for me to finally come to grips that I just seem to know some things that are going to happen before they happen. This picture on the left is another one of the super powers some twin flames have that I also now have. It started in August 2019 right after I left the Dildo Narcissist Karmic Ex Wesley. Light Workers and/or Starseeds here on Earth write these, sing these and even express them in hand movements and dance. I am able to write them and it comes out of my mouth, too.

*Hold up. I gotta grab a quick screen snip*

Sorry. That was a “Squirrel!” moment for me. I had to post it. 11 and 22 are powerful. I am a life path 33 and I seem to see 33, 22, and 44 every frickin day. At least it seems that way. I am not even 100% sure what being a 33 life path really means other than this lifetime is probably the last shebang I have here on Earth with learning life lessons and going through all this. I mean, as far as reincarnating to do all this. I believe it’s called ascending.

I have finally grown tired of trying to grab every snapshot of my phone’s clock showing a triple number or a sync. I still see the number of grams being 111 instead of 110 at the coffee shop when I am weighing out coffee. The customer still rings up a total of $9.99 for their coffee and sandwich. There are so many of them and it is getting exhausting.

Anyone else feel like that? I know a ton of you are doing the exact same thing. You see that 11:11 and you’re, like, “Ooh ooh! Gotta grab it! Gotta grab it!” You drop whatever it is you are doing, like driving for me, just so I can open the camera on my phone and get a picture before it looks something like this:

I think sometimes I feel my angels giggling at me when they see me take a leap for my phone to try and grab the picture before the time changes. Or when I cut someone off on the road because my phone is in my purse on the seat next to me, but I still gotta get that picture of my gas tank mileage of 111 miles before it goes down to 110 miles with me driving at 35mph.

I wouldn’t blame them. I would laugh, too. That shit’s funny.

I did all this documenting of these signs and syncs, at first, to obtain hard evidence that I was not, in fact, some crazy, stalking, obsessed Bipolar nutjob who suddenly started talking to herself out loud. Now, being more aware of what the hell is going on, I collect them for my blog posts and to show all you guys that the newly awakened are also experiencing all this creepy weird stuff, too.

Okay, so let’s talk super powers.

Twin Flame Super Power Checklist

  • Seem to feel more shit.
  • Seem to just know some shit.
  • Sometimes you know that shit is gonna happen before it happens.
  • You now always seem to know when someone is trying to bullshit you.
  • You can now channel Spirit, speak with other spirits using a pen and paper and pull tarot cards.
  • You can now channel DNA activation codes to help the collective remember where they are from. Like in the picture above.
  • You get someone astral traveling to you for sex.
  • You have the capability of communicating with someone, other than yourself, with your thoughts.


My Bullshit Detector has never been this tuned up in my life. I could swear I never knew when something was going to happen simply by just having ‘that feeling’.

Well, let me tell you. Stuff happens now.

Exactly one week ago, I pulled cards for a recent buddy and told him also I had a feeling he was going to find out that his girlfriend of two weeks was hiding something from him. I told him it felt like money. I said I feel she is regretful and it is as if she felt she did not know what else to do. Like maybe she was stuck in something.

Do you know that four days later, something pulled me to my buddy’s house and when I showed up, he was not happy. I was asked to wait outside and that is when I found out from his cousin and mother that his girlfriend stole his money. Well, almost. She attempted to transfer $4,000 of his newly deposited check from a new debit card account she set up for him about a week ago and got caught. All we had to do after she immediately put in a transfer to put some of the money back, was ask that they stop payment on a check that was on the way to her house for the remaining amount. All was taken care of.

Crazy, huh? I spoke with her later when my friend was not around and asked why she did it. She said she felt so unappreciated and he was giving money to this other girl and so she thought she was just take what she felt what she deserved. She said this in tears, mind you. Not that this couple is going last long at all and believe me, that is a good thing is this particular case.

But sweet Jesus, did I not call this and then TELL someone it was going to happen just the other day? And not just anyone. I told the person it was going to happen to.

Okay yeah. Add this to all the other crap I have experienced with knowing that little girl’s baby cousin passed, that red truck story, and the white truck story, I gotta be a smidge psychic. I never was before all this started. If I had it a little, I never noticed it before.

Feeling Energy (Spirits) Around Me

Are you feeling things all throughout your body and at random times of the day and for no reason? It kind of feels like a light vibration going through you. My skin will sometimes feels the sensitive feeling you get when you are first starting to get the flu. If it’s a strong negative energy, it feels yucky. I am suddenly uncomfortable and my chest will tighten a little. My breathing and heart beat will begin to accelerate.

A few weeks ago, I was at work with my best girlfriend Adonis and we were supposed to be closing up the coffee shop. We were supposed to be closing up the shop. Instead, we locked the door and went upstairs to listen to music and dab a little.

At 4:00pm, the time we are normally almost done closing up the shop, we were still up there smoking dabs and listening to music and having a blasty blast.

Then suddenly I had a funny feeling going all throughout my body. It felt like someone hooked up a battery to my butt and switched it on. Just a AAA battery at that point, but it felt weird.

I jump up out of the chair and tell him something feels weird up here. I move a few feet away from where I was sitting and then I feel okay again. So, I tell him it must be nothing, but I added, “Dude, we really need to start closing up.”

He tells me, “Just after this one song! Want another dab?”

I am getting ready to grab the nectar collector when all of the sudden I feel that electric feeling again all throughout my body. Not a AAA battery charge feeling, but more like C or D batteries.

But, this time I hear in my thoughts, “Get down from there and get back to work.” I have no idea who it was, but it came with a bag of yucky feeling energy so strong, that I told him, “Dude, I don’t like the feeling up here anymore. I am going downstairs.”

Wouldn’t you know the feeling went away the moment I got back downstairs in the coffee shop?

That is not the only time I have felt energy at the coffee shop before either. The lights flicker once in a while when I am there, but my thinking is they could be flickering when I am not there, too. Forget the fact that the building has been there for eons and even before the rest of the city was built, they were hanging people at a nearby courthouse. The Flying Black Rag night was the creepiest night I have ever worked at that coffeehouse.

I was walking by a chair that had a dirty black rag on it and as I walked past it, out of the corner of my eye, I see it fly to the ground. Like, I SAW it move from the chair to the ground.

I freak out and yell to my coworker Margaret, “Did you see that?! Did you just throw that rag at me?”

She says, “What rag? I am eating a cookie.”

I knew it wasn’t her and I knew I had just witnessed my very first paranormal activity. Like a dork, I grabbed my phone and recorded the rag on the floor with nothing else by my adrenaline shouting, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Guess what just happened?!”

I figured it was a spirit of some kind just having some fun with us, as I did not feel any negative energy. It was my friend Chris who suggested it might have been my energy that made the rag move to the ground. While that option made me think a bit, I was not convinced that was the case.


When this shit started happening, I was pretty much convinced I was either completely nuts or just oddly gifted. This paper to your left is not the first channeling of something else I have gotten on paper either. The first I channeled was at a local bar late last November, I believe. The notebook I wrote in was lost when I moved, so I cannot post that experience as much as I would love to. But, it was trippy nonetheless.

Here is another one:

I could never do this before. Why now? Why all of these new tricks now?

Lord and when this stuff comes out, sometimes it takes a lot out of me. The session with the Teddy Was Here on the notebook, and I have no idea who Teddy is, was horrible. I went from feeling fine one minute to tears, fear and the kind of crying I only do when someone close to me has passed away. I started taking video about half way through it and I could barely hold the camera I was crying so hard.

Then it was gone! Like, THAT fucking fast, I was no longer crying and the fear and sadness was gone. I got video of the shock in my voice and to record the difference of what was just a few minutes prior. Why can I suddenly do this stuff?

After doing some reading on twin flames, I discovered lots of us are given psychic abilities and heightened intuition so that we can do out part with helping out the rest of you folks who are wondering why all this weird stuff is happening to you. I am being guided to guide other twin flames with tarot readings. That’s why I can suddenly pull cards and read people.

I have also become quite a bit more 5D aware, pushing away the 3D ideals I have known my entire life. This has made the telepathy and emotion with my twin even stronger.

Feel Other People’s Feelings

I will say this, though. Feeling other people’s feelings when they are hurt or sad is not fun at all. I broke off the relationship with Art, my twin flame catalyst, two days ago and all last night and into today I have felt nothing but sadness. It feels like loss. I know it’s him. I felt great and empowered a day after it happened. Then he came to my house to pick up the skateboard he painted for me and a few other things yesterday. We didn’t say anything to each other. I still felt fine. Then late last night it hit me and hard. I could not sleep. I did not feel like meditating or doing anything productive. All I could feel was his sadness. He told me I had broken his heart.

I hated to hear that, but I had to stop hanging out with him. I did not like the person I was when I was with him, even just as buddies. When he started to try and convince me he was my twin flame and not my DM and was pushing more and more toward a real relationship with him, I knew I had to jump ship fast. I knew he would always forgive me for the happenings in one of my drunken stupors, and in the last year, I have acted a fool twice due to alcohol. This time something inside me triggered the worst behavior. I drove to his house drunk already and then had two more beers while he slept. I just wanted someone to tell me things were going to be alright and when he woke up, the first thing he did was ask if I wanted a beer.

That is when I lost it. No, I did not want another beer! I wanted to be free of that house. I wanted to be free of his attitude that life is better after two 40oz bottles because he lives with a narcissistic hag who does not charge him rent and still can’t seem to do the dishes for her in exchange for living there. Mind you, he is her ‘flying monkey’ and if it works for her, so be it. I needed to be free of the filth I see him raising his two little girls in with no care in the world that the pinworms he was pulling out of his skin are due to the filth in the house and is also the reason the girls always have their hands down their pants scratching their butt. If I clean the girls room, and it takes a full day, because he does not make them clean it, you walk in and see food, toys, and six half opened cans of soda all over the place. My heart wanted to do so much for them and I think he saw that and was obliged to let me do it all.

So, I acted a fool once more in a drunken stupor and he kicks me out of the house “permanently.” I remember repeating to him over and over, “Are you really going to let me drive home like this?” I would hide his keys if it were the other way around. But no, he let me leave. God and my angels are the ones who drove my car home that night – not me. What is even crazier is as ‘they’ were driving me home and I was balling my eyes out, I heard in my head SO clear, the following: “Christina, that was the only way I could get you away from that house.”

It was my DM’s energy. His tone of voice in that thought. That overly protective vibe he used to sport so adorably with me in 3D even before our fight and physical separation hit. His energy and mine wanted me out of that house months ago. I could not do it on my own, so I think my DM helped out in the only way he could: trigger me.

I needed to get Art pissed off at me enough, that he could not find it in his heart to forgive me. If he forgave me, we might start hanging out again, thus beginning the cycle once more. Well shit. I guess I did it this time. I bet it was my ripping one of the two pot plants out of his garden in the front yard on my way out the front door that did it. (The poor plant.)

It was when I started to notice that all my energy was being given to someone who was not returning anything positive, that this was definitely the time I needed to cut the cord and understand that I have learned everything from him that I was supposed to learn. That includes the opening of my heart chakra.

All this was to prepare me for reuniting with my twin, whenever that will be. Just like the relationship with The Dildo Narcissist Ex Wesley was to teach me that I was indeed strong enough to leave a horrible life I was living daily, with Art, I learned I could be just as strong to leave someone I originally thought was my other half when the relationship shows signs of things that were sure to bring me down.

I am going to close this post with this ending tidbit. Odd that Art would make his last text message to me the same thing the Dildo Narcissist Karmic Ex Wesley said to me on more than one occasion? Which was:

“You are crazy and delusional.”

Yep. My craziness causes all these repeating numbers like 22, 1111, 222, 333, 717, 1010, 33, 44, 55 and lately 911, 888 and 999.

My delusions can somehow manifest themselves physically with my being able to know some things before they happen. (With the witness testimonies to back it up.)

Crazy my ass.

I’m a twin flame.

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  1. Wow, thank you for this post today. I needed to hear it all, and much of this is also happening to me. Sending you so much love. ❤💕💕


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