06-25-2020 I Identified My Catalyst Twin Flame-Art.

Spike & Art

What is a catalyst Twin Flame?

Man, I kept thinking our similarities were too frickin’ out of the ordinary for Art to be just anybody. When he opened up my heart chakra a week ago when we went camping, that’s when I knew.

In a nutshell, a catalyst Twin Flame is someone who you have such a connection with, that they almost feel like they could be your twin flame. You will find very similar character traits between them and this person may remind you of your twin in many ways. In my case, Art is the brother I never had. He is my best friend and I have only known him a year. Though, it feels like we have known each other for years. Anyhoo, the catalyst twin flame is supposed to teach me to try and get to a higher level of consciousness and help open up my heart chakra.

Art is funny, plays bass guitar and drums, and is an exceptional artist. He also is a boy version of me in a lot of ways, but he has all the traits I am missing in me that I wish I had in myself. For instance, he is patient, humble and I have never heard him raise his voice once. He is zen. I want to be that zen. Instead, I open my mouth before thinking and I have no filter, I’m told by many.

Oh, and I cannot draw to save my life, but here are two skateboards he painted. Each one only took him a day. (He gave me the one on the right as a gift. I love it!)

He, too, is very sensitive to energy and can say something ten seconds before I was going to say it. It happens all the time. I once smelled his cologne outside for just one good breath. He was at work and I was on my way to go pick him up. I arrive less than ten minutes later and he tells me, “Hey, I was thinking about you ten minutes ago thinking you must be on your way to pick me up.” That was right about the time I happened to smell his cologne.

Wait, there’s more.

We went to a huge Goodwill Thrift store a week before Quarantine lock down and while we bought different items in the store and shopped separately, both of our receipts showed a total of $22.00.

Two weeks ago, our boss lady at work told us employees need to take their temperature every shift and jot it down on a pad of paper. A few days later, we drove in together and when taking our temperature, we found we had the same exact temperature of 96.7. It happened again a few days later, but when we had gone into work at different times of the day. Same temperature of 96.7. Weird?

Last week I was giving his little girls a bath and I needed to get into his phone to pull up YouTube for music. He has the pattern swipe lock and as I am asking him what the pattern is, I happen to guess it correctly on the third try.

He loves the band ‘Tool’ and started schooling me on their music and lyrics. Especially the song ‘Forty-six & 2.’ This song is about being aware of a higher consciousness.

He talks to me about making sure I use my third eye.

We went to get tattoos a few months ago in Albuquerque and the name of the tattoo parlor was ‘Ascension Body Mod’. The tattoo I got prior to the new one this last Christmas was at a place called ‘Third Eye Tattoo’. Crazy coincidences, no?

Then last week, we went camping at San Lorenzo Canyon. We were laying down and I had my head on his chest. He began stroking my hair and then going all the way down my back. But, he managed to hit just the right spot and I got the most warm and intense feeling throughout my entire body and had a rolling orgasm that must have lasted at least five minutes.

I remember I had a sudden recognition of him and actually had the thought in my head, “Hey, there you are. Where have you been?” It was like that heart chakra opening made me remember him from another life.

After that, we had an overwhelming urge to just wrap our arms and legs around each other like a pretzel and just hold one another tight. I felt safe and comfortable. Best of all, I felt love for him. A strong feeling of unconditional love is what I felt and that’s when he said to me, “I love you, Christina. How could I think of living the rest of my life on Earth with anyone but you?”

I did not know what to say, so I think I smiled and gave him a long ‘Awwwe’, and that’s it. We went to sleep after that.

Phew! Dodged a bullet there, didn’t I?

Sure, the next day I was glowing and gazing into the sky all day long. I felt so much love for everything in life. What I was not, was IN love with him. I love the guy like my best friend with occasional benefits and that is all.

Don’t get me wrong. I was starting to catch feelings for Art and I had to distance myself. I needed to remind myself on a regular basis what life would be like living with Art as his girlfriend in that house. Add the drinking every night and tons of dishes in the sink because no one in the house ever wants to do it and that is a solid case of one relationship I would not wish to be in.

I also told him about my journey when we first met and were getting to know each other. I am not sure how much he believes of what I have told him, but I did include the real possibility that I would be leaving one day to be with my DM. How fair would it be for me to know that was going to happen one day and still let a guy fall in love with me so that I can break his heart when I leave?

It’s a catch 22, if you ask me.

On one hand, we are supposed to go on with our lives if in physical separation from our twin. We are supposed to not live life like we are ‘waiting’ for our twin to arrive, because apparently all that does is give off the energy that we are not happy unless we are with them and that energy keeps them away. We are supposed to get to the point where we could care less if we never reunited with our twin.

So, we go out and start dating others. We feel guilty, at first. We think we are betraying our twin by giving our love to another that was meant for them. Then to pile on, the person we get to fall in love with us is shocked as Hell to hear that their partner’s twin flame is on the phone and wants to meet for ‘The Talk.’

Yeah, yeah…for those thinking to themselves, “Not all twin flames know they are going to reunite with their twin in this lifetime. That is why they need to move on with their lives and find soulmates if they want a partner in life.”

Well, I got news for anyone thinking that. In our particular case, we are a life path 33 and a 22. Ascended Master numbers. We are on that last train to Clarksville, if you know what I’m saying. The fact that we even met in this lifetime indicates Union after our physical separation.

In our case, reuniting is inevitable. It was just a matter of time before the two of us are ready and the Universe gets us back together. Not only that, but this ‘awakening’ of mine came with some really cool super powers. One of them is being able to see some things that haven’t happened yet.

I knew my DM would come around. I knew he would find the strength to remember he was worthy enough to deserve such an amazing love. I knew he could overcome the Karmic, the strict family morals, and what others thought about the decision he was going to eventually make. I knew he would. I am so proud of all the work he has done thus far on his journey. I know it had to be hard with what he had to work through. I felt it. That is why I call him my Superman.

He truly is a man of steel to have gone through what he went through during the Dark Night of the Soul.

Once we reunite, I am going to buy him a pair of these:

Aren’t they fabulous?! They come with a cape!

Thank you for visiting my blog site. More to come.

For those interested in reading the rest of the article on the catalyst twin flame, click the link below:


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  1. Your posts are always so helpful and interesting. Thank you for sharing your story with us and it is very comforting to know that you are there going through this journey too. Sending you lots and lots of love ❤️


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