05-06-2020 Finally Found Me Some Peace on this TF Journey.

Oreo Training is going well.

***DM thoughts are in BOLD type***

**ching** = the quick little pops of arousal I feel in my pants when my DM is thinking about me.

I have been trying to train my kitty to be able to be outdoors with me without running away. I never leave her alone. I once saw a hawk carry away a large dead bunny the size of Oreo. Not on my watch. No sir. I had to threaten her with the spray bottle and it’s worked. Kind of.

She digs it. If I don’t like being cooped up in the house all day and night, how could she?

You’re not a cat.

I can’t believe you just thought that. Do you like being cooped up in the house all day and all night?


Imagine that? And you’re not even a cat.

She’s pouncing.

Wise ass.

Art finally sent me a text message yesterday evening. All it said was:

“Are you happy?”

I replied that I have been happier since our last text message conversation, yes, but that I missed the old Art. The Art I would see at the coffee shop when he was working and I was just writing. He didn’t reply after that.

I’m good on that one.

I finally figured out what I needed to do with that guy and that was to acknowledge that hanging out with him, buddy or not, was bringing my vibe way down. It affected how I felt about myself and that was in a negative way. Bye bye. I’m out of there. I am going to miss his little girls, though. Lots.

I figured another thing out, too. Apparently, I still had a wee bit of a codependency to work out if I had that much of an issue staying home by myself and would rather go hang out in negativity.

Then again, maybe not. Once I got my little pool to cool down in and my chair to hang out in my front yard, I am happy to be home alone now.

So, perhaps codependency wasn’t it. I was just bored and uncomfortable in my home. Not anymore, though. Sweet.

I finally removed the ‘Trainee’ sticker from my name tag. I’ve been working here for, like, three months. Turns out I was only supposed to be wearing the word ‘Trainee’ for three days. I’m such a


Oh, stop finishing my sentences. I hear you in there. I always get off track when you decide to jump into my thoughts when I am trying to write. I do not always intend to put you in my posts. You just

pop out whenever I want?


Ok, I’ll stop. Besides, it’s your fingers doing the typing, Christina. Not mine.

I love when I hear my name in my head with your face behind it. It just feels cool.

Just missed it.

Check it out. I saw it again this morning and missed the screenshot snap by a nano second. I swear I don’t sit and stare at the clock waiting for this stuff either. I know other twin flames gotta be going through the same thing when they happen to glance up at the clock. Especially when the same numbers just happen to be there every time.

I’ve been seeing 911 an awful lot in the last two weeks as well. A lot.

***Be right back. I’m going to check out some YouTube videos on what it means when 911 starts popping up all over the place.***


Damn! There are a shit ton of YouTube videos that explain repeating angel number 911. After watching the first minute or two of a handful before thinking, “Um, this isn’t working,” I just Googled it. The following excerpt I snipped from the website Numerologist.org:

What is the Message of 911?

If you are seeing the number 911 repeating throughout your life, the first message to take away is one of divine presence. You are being supported. As with all angel numbers, it’s an incredibly reassuring and protective sign, so try to feel this through every level of your soul.

But the significance of the energy and vibration held in these numbers could be read in a few different ways, depending on the circumstances in your own life.

Are you coming to the end of a cycle? Are you closing one chapter of your life, and opening a brand new door? If angel number 911 keeps showing up, then your Spirit Guides and Angels are telling you clearly that your journey is of huge and sacred importance and what you do now will affect great change for you and others. In fact, along with 11:11, angel number 911 is thought by many to be the number of lightworkers. So this is a sign to stay on your path, to keep doing what you are doing and follow the voice of your intuition. But importantly, you must be prepared to let go of what is holding you back. Make space in your life because what needs to move through you cannot, if you are holding onto old stories of what is true. A new beginning may be close, but you must make space for it to enter in. Your life purpose depends on it!

This angel number can often appear to those who have a calling to create something of service. It will appear as an angelic sign that your soul mission needs you to be generous with your gifts, so perhaps you want to write a book, start a vlog or bring a product to market? Or perhaps you have a skill which you could put to better use, benefiting even more people in a slightly different way? Seeing 911 can be a sign of powerful encouragement to spread your message to a wider audience: Humanity needs what you have to teach! As a number of spiritual insight, combined with humanitarian impulse, ask yourself, is this a clear message that you’re your time?

The combination of 9 and 11, two highly autonomous and self-governing numbers will often indicate that you need to trust yourself more than you currently are. 911 is a potent reminder that your intuition, combined with your life experience form a firm and trustworthy basis to work from!

So look inside yourself. The answers you seek are within you. There are Spirit Guides and Angels surrounding you, who are giving you all the signs you need.

(Click the link for the entire article from this website if you want to read more. https://numerologist.com/numerology/the-real-meaning-behind-angel-number-911/ )

I bold faced the creepy part of that one paragraph because it’s a crazy coincidence I just happen to be writing a book and blogging my journey as my part of my twin flame mission.

It’s weird how the Universe just seems to KNOW what I am doing every step of the way. I feel like I have this crew of Spirit Guides just invisibly hanging out with me just waiting to toss their invisible ping pong balls at my head with their numbers on them. 1111, 333, 222, 22, 33, 717 and now 911.

Oh wait. I gotta post this meme I ran into the other day:


I’m going to seal this post and start today’s post. I should have posted this yesterday and got lazy. Thanks for reading. Lots of love and light!

***Songs playing during the writing of this post are listed below. Click the links if you’re interested in seeing the lyrics. You may even see a song on your twin flame playlist. Take care everyone and remember, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. ***

‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by Artic Monkeys https://genius.com/Arctic-monkeys-do-i-wanna-know-lyrics

‘Dreaming Of You’ by Selena https://genius.com/Selena-dreaming-of-you-lyrics

‘Jealous Guy’ by John Lennon https://genius.com/John-lennon-jealous-guy-lyrics

‘Domino Dancing’ by The Pet Shop Boys https://genius.com/Pet-shop-boys-domino-dancing-lyrics

‘Life’s What You Make It’ by Talk Talk https://genius.com/Talk-talk-lifes-what-you-make-it-lyrics

‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ by Hall and Oates https://genius.com/Hall-and-oates-you-make-my-dreams-come-true-lyrics

‘The Boxer’ by Simon and Garfunkel https://genius.com/Simon-and-garfunkel-the-boxer-lyrics

‘R U Mine?’ by Artic Monkeys https://genius.com/Arctic-monkeys-r-u-mine-lyrics

‘Side To Side’ by Ariana Grande https://genius.com/Ariana-grande-side-to-side-lyrics

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