02-01-2020 “Should I Ignore My Twin Flame Because They Ignore Me?”


Someone asked me this question on Quora. This was my response:

I think it kinda depends on your situation. While I understand communication has to happen in some way in order for physical reunion to occur, if you are attempting to contact them and they are ignoring you, it’s gotta be for a reason. They got stuff going on just like we do and we do not know what it is sometimes. In my opinion, that’s why it’s best to take the focus off contacting them and put it toward working on your journey, yourself and your mission. Your twin is just the cool byproduct of what the result of your journey is supposed to be and that’s a better version of yourself. Once you get there, your frequency will rise, your vibe with your twin will rise and then match and that’s when they catch up and the Universe puts you two together again in the physical.

Plus, you get to stop worrying about why they are not responding, what they must be thinking, etc. I know it’s hard. But guess what? It works. Once you stop wondering about them and worrying about them and what they are doing, you start noticing you are feeling better each and every day. It’s a way cool feeling. Notice I said you ‘get to’ stop worrying about them? 🙂

Treat yourself to a nice long bath with some candles, cool meditation jams, some lavender oil and really think about all the stuff going on in your life on your journey. The answers start to just HIT you. You start having conversations with your higher self and you just know. You know what you need to do. You know the answer to whatever question has been driving you crazy lately about what to do about someone in your life that you are having trouble with, things like that. Then, you start talking to your twin more and more and more telepathically and you notice you don’t even have the urge or want to attempt to reach them in the 3D. The 5D conversation is all you need. It’s a great feeling.

So, should you ignore them if they ignore you? I dunno. It really depends.

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