01-16-2020 TF Journey Continues-Made Personal Tarot Cards of My DMs Thoughts. FUN!


Yep, still no communication on his end in the physical, though. I continue to send him an update now and then to his Instagram account with a ‘hi, hope you’re well’ text or a funny GIF. Sometimes even a picture of my legs in the tub after a new pedicure. Nothing ever requiring a response. Just a little nugget to let him know I am thinking about him and am cool with what people call ‘ghosting.’ ENERGY NOW-SONG PLAYING: ‘FEELING GOOD’ BY MICHAEL BUBLE. I figured a while back when I was completely anti-contact with him that texting to his cellphone was a bad idea, because I got through telepathy that his Crazy Golddigger Karmic was going through his phone. That is how she found all the messages we had ever sent each other saved in his phone, mind you not one of them sexual in tone. Though he had threatened to ‘block me forever’ with the last text message I’d sent back then, I knew he’d done it to keep it clear to anyone who might be reading them other than he that he was in no way interested in what I had to say. That is completely understandable to me if you have a fiance you are currently in an unhappy relationship with and are trying to ditch. So, when I was getting more and more of a feeling that my DM was keeping tabs on me through social media, even though he mentally KEEPS telling me to stay off Facebook, I realized he is viewing my Instagram feed. Not my story. Just my feed. I keep my Instagram profile public for just that reason. ***ENERGY-SONG PLAYING: ‘ERASE & REWIND’ BY THE CARDIGANS*** This way he can lurk without me actually knowing. He likes that. He wants to see how I’m doing. He wants to see if I am with anyone. He wants to see what I have been up to. He wants to know when the time is right for him to pounce. That’s what all DMs are doing out there while in physical separation. It’s the cutest version of stalking you will ever experience being a Twin Flame, if you ask me. ***ENERGY NOW- SONG PLAYING: ‘MARRY YOU’ BY BRUNO MARS***

‘Sunglasses At Night’ by Corey Hart

And again, I do not mind the ghosting. Not anymore. I did at first. The ‘no contact’ included ‘no communication’ and it killed me! When was I going to finally get that confirmation that I was not the only one on this freaking roller coaster ride? When was I finally going to get the ‘I love you, too!’ out of his mouth in SOME form without any contact and no communication?


Somewhere between then and now, I figured out through 5D communication that we really don’t even need contact in the physical world to know he loves me. I KNOW he does. I finally feel that I don’t need to hear in 3D what I already hear and feel in 5D.

A few months ago, I created my own tarot deck using a pack of 250 blank flashcards. That’s 250 of my DM’s thoughts in my head back then. Now, the deck is up to about 400 plus cards. It’s funny. Some cards are worn more than others from being pulled all the time. Some cards have not been pulled since creating them. I understand and have been told more than once by other readers, that I can pull cards, that I am a reader. I know when something is going to happen sometimes. Not all the time. (Or I would have evaded that police officer better on the last ticket I received.) But, being that I am only 99.9999 % sure that this Twin Flame Journey connection thing is not all in my head and not 100%, I will shuffle the deck for 10 or 15 minutes before I pull any cards. Then I will only pull 20 cards. If I feel the pull or am guided to pull more after the first spread, I will. But fuck. The amount of times a few specific cards that seem to get pulled CANNOT be a coincidence. It’s kind of like my DM’s hands take over and he pulls the cards on whatever he wants me to know at that time. I mean, I understand it’s Spirit technically, but man. I sometimes feel like Thing from The Addams Family. He will even pull a card in response to a thought I might have earlier in the day. For example, once in a while I will worry that I am just crazy and that all this shit is all in my head and the card that I will pull later will be STOP QUESTIONING THE CONNECTION. I get I LOVE OUR CONNECTION at least once every spread. Every spread I get either the I CANNOT WAIT TO GET YOU PREGNANT or I CAN’T WAIT TO KNOCK YOU UP card, which tells me he has family on his brain all the time. One time, I got MEDITATE MORE and YOU NEED TO MEDITATE MORE! both in the same spread. I shit you not. I guess it means I need to meditate more.


I use the personal cards I created to get more of an energy update on him specifically since I can pull cards. Why watch other tarot readers on YouTube for a collective of DMs when I can get a reading on just my DM, right? In fact, some of you DFs out there reading this are way intuitive and have extra psychic superpowers that you are recently stumbling upon. You ought to try getting some blank flashcards and creating your own with their thoughts. It’s a blast! I created a few cards to try and get confirmation on whether my DM was pulling cards, too. I created YES, I’M PULLING CARDS OVER HERE! and YES, I CREATED MY OWN CARDS OF YOUR THOUGHTS LIKE YOU DID WITH MINE!. (My DM always uses exclamation marks when he texts or types. I don’t know why. It seems to come out when creating his cards, too.) And both those cards I just specified have come out more than once.


This new energy that just popped up is no doubt because as I am blogging about our personal tarot cards, yes I am going to mention that some of them are dirty thoughts. I won’t lie-those are my favorite! Everything from OMG SUCK ME to I CAN’T WAIT TO TASTE YOUR LIPS. (Those two come out at least once a day.)


I have done readings where every single card pulled was a dirty card. Those times are usually times when I am feeling his sexual energy especially hard FIRST and I will THEN be ‘guided’ to pull cards.

***ENERGY – SONG PLAYING: ‘BURNIN’ FOR YOU’ BY BLUE OYSTER CULT***Bear in mind, I sometimes leave the computer to do other stuff and come back to continue, and leave the playlist going in my headphones.

Song Playlist : New Beginnings – Probably one of many Twin Flame playlists with that name.

Uprising by Muse https://genius.com/Muse-uprising-lyrics

Feeling Good by Michael Buble https://genius.com/Michael-buble-feeling-good-lyrics

Erase & Rewind by The Cardigans https://genius.com/The-cardigans-erase-rewind-lyrics

Marry You by Bruno Mars https://genius.com/Bruno-mars-marry-you-lyrics

She’s a Lady by Tom Jones https://genius.com/Tom-jones-shes-a-lady-lyrics

Missing You by John Waite https://genius.com/John-waite-missing-you-v1-lyrics

(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew https://genius.com/Cutting-crew-i-just-died-in-your-arms-lyrics

Push It by Salt n Pepa https://genius.com/Salt-n-pepa-push-it-lyrics

Lollipop by Lil Wayne https://genius.com/Lil-wayne-lollipop-lyrics

Burnin’ For You by Blue Oyster Cult https://genius.com/Blue-oyster-cult-burnin-for-you-lyrics

3 thoughts on “01-16-2020 TF Journey Continues-Made Personal Tarot Cards of My DMs Thoughts. FUN!

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  1. Hii! I’ve been reading your blog (I like it, it feels like reading a fanfiction or something idk, it’s funny). I’m not an English speaker but I’mma try my best. Well, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way I’m just trying to help as I’m a twin flame too and I know what of a hell of a ride this is. I can tell you’re still focusing too much on your other you. The fact that you’re watching tarot readings and obsessing over comunicating via telepathy, it’s a way of obsession over your TF as well. Even if you think you aren’t, your mind it’s still tricking you, so that’s why your TF doesn’t comes your way. I recommend you of two really good youtubers about this topic: New World Allstar and Be With Your Twin Flame. Their videos had helped me so much to get the clarity that I really needed so I think it might be good for you too. The mind is what searches for an outcome so if you’re asking yourself does my tf will come back if I do this, this and that, and if I do, why don’t he comes? You’re still guided by your mind. Your soul doesn’t even care if he’s there or not. You have to seek in yourself your own truest power (which is your soul) to get out of this poisonous circle that your mind has created. Take your power back, it’s ALL about you don’t you see? Not about him, not about a “karmic”, it’s about YOU, the main character of your life. It’s all about your spiritual ascention, not about the physical person, who is also you but the duality of your mind makes you think you’re two different people. Your mind makes you think you have to “reach” something to be with somebody. With my twin flame dynamic I realised that the chaser is the one seeking for love out of themselves. And also with the obsessive thinking, you’re gonna believe anything your mind is telling you about telepathy. As telepathy is something so abstract your mind will use this as a weapon to keep poisoning you, making you think you know what their feeling, you know what their thinking, feeding the egos need to control, to keep updated, to have information. I’ve been there and still struggling. So remember love yourself and focus on yourself truly, you can’t play games when it comes to your soul, you really have to do the work and aling with it for your growth, you’re destined to it anyway. I’m not a master in any of this but I feel so much clarity now and I’m feeling better so I wish the same for you. It gets better. Sorry if the comment was sooo long I couldn’t help it. Send you lots of peace, love and clarity ✌.

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  2. Hi, thank you so much for your blog post. That is a great idea about the blank tarot cards and pulling cards for yourself. I have been listening to a few tarot readers especially Emmerson 36911 as she is so down to earth and is on this journey along with us. She has helped me a lot to know that I am not crazy and this is actually real. Sending you love.


    1. Hi again. Thank you for all your comments. 🤗 Yep, tarot vids helped me at first for mostly guidance and yes, so I could find out I wasn’t crazy, too. Now I pull my own and use our ‘personal deck’s for specific questions that I have to confirm our telepathy. Ex: I have been feeling for the last year that we are having twin girls one day. (He happens to be a twin himself, so our chances are high.) So, I created a card that says: Yes, we’re having twins. Do you know that out of 600 flashcards, I pull 20 card spreads and it comes out 75% of my sessions.

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