10-11-2019 What If All This Twin Flame Telepathy Is Only A Manifestation of My Mind?

Yep. I thought about that, too. Maybe this whole thing is in my mind.

But then it hit me. My mind cannot manifest the synchronicities I see 9 out of 10 times I just HAPPEN to glance at the clock.

My mind cannot manifest the TONS of sexual juju that pops off down in my pants at ALL parts of the day even when I am trying to concentrate on, say, getting groceries at the friggin supermarket.

My mind can’t possibly manifest waking myself up between 3–4am every morning without fail and without an alarm, and many times at 3:33, and usually just for sexual juju.

My mind no longer refers to me most of the time as ‘I’…it says ‘You/You’re’. It’s not, “I forgot to brush my teeth,” in my head. It’s, “You forgot to brush your teeth.” “I like your ass in those jeans.” “I hate that I hurt you.” “I wanna marry you.”

My mind CANNOT manifest my posting a Facebook post in a TF Community group about my DM’s favorite song being Stroke of Luck by Garbage and it just happens to be the next song to play out of my 325 song playlist as soon as admin approves it. (Notice the time it happened and my battery level. )

I was questioning our connection every single day at the beginning of all this. It’s been 6 months in Separation with no contact and before I left, I sent him that “So, THERE!” text that basically said, “Look dude, you can’t run from this. It’s GOING to happen.” Then I left The Dildo Narcissist Ex, hopped a train with only a huge, red duffel bag with clothes, my Chromebook, my pool cue and a pillow and left California to New Mexico where I am still.

Today, after having done TONS of work on myself and meditating, my connection with my DM is stronger than ever. If he never came forward in the 3D to tell me he loved me, I would be fine with it because I KNOW he loves me with every bit of him. EVERY SINGLE BIT. It’s not something I just want in my mind. It’s something I feel all throughout my body and being. I never thought this could be possible. I truly thought this shit only happened in the movies. With the constant synchronicities and telepathy, I can smile to myself as I write this and KNOW we are ending up together. I already know that in order for us to end up together, he is going to have to try and contact me at some point. I just finally stopped worrying about when that was going to be. I no longer have to worry about it, because he is ALWAYS with me. I don’t have to worry about IF it’s ever going to happen because I KNOW it’s going to now. It’s only a matter of time. (Divine Time)

I think of it like a kid who has been waiting to get on the biggest and best roller coaster in the entire amusement park, but not being tall enough. Sure I know I can’t ride on it now, but I DO know that one day I WILL be tall enough to get on that sucker and it’s going to be the ride of my entire life!

One thought on “10-11-2019 What If All This Twin Flame Telepathy Is Only A Manifestation of My Mind?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m in exactly the same place of acceptance and silent knowing…nice to hear it from another’s perspective. Thanks so much! 🙏🏽


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