10-04-2019 Why Doesn’t Your Twin Flame Even Want To Be Friends With You, Ghosted Without Saying Goodbye?

In a nutshell, and this is just based on my experience, this WHOLE thing scares the shit out of them. So, POOF! They are GONE. Like a fart in the wind.

But, think about it from their point of view. (Or hell, from anyone’s point of view who is currently still ‘asleep’ to all this going on, for that matter. ) What if someone told YOU that everything you have been brought up to believe was a lie. And I mean EVERYTHING. When you have thoughts in your head, we are told they are our own thoughts. That it’s ourselves talking to ourselves without verbal words in our heads. Some even went as far as to teach us that this unnamed voice our CONSCIENCE. The Jiminy Cricket we all seem to have. The invisible entity that tells us, “That is a bad idea. Maybe you shouldn’t do that.”

What if all that time you discovered that that inner voice that gives you these thoughts is NOT in fact YOURS? They belong to this person who just drifted into your life by way of a slight bump in the grocery store or in my case, the person I was introduced to just to learn how to play pool a wee bit better. And now you can’t seem to get this person out of your head. Not only that, it’s someone you would never think you could ever be attracted to, let alone LOVE with everything in you and for no other reason than because you just KNOW you love them. You don’t even get a chance to FALL in love with them. You meet them and just know you already love them.

That would scare the shit out of anybody and they probably wouldn’t believe it. It scared me and I didn’t believe it until I started doing some research. I thought I was Bipolar CRAZY all these years. I even took medication for years that did all kinds of bad things to my body so that I could be more convinced this wasn’t real. Turns out I had a frickin TWIN out there. Not only that, my intuition radar spiked to a new level. You TFs out there don’t think it’s a little weird that you just seem to know some stuff? That you just seem to know when your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you? You didn’t catch them, but you just have that gut feeling? And that goes with anything, not just cheating. What if someone told you that years and years ago, someone had the novel idea, (and I say that with the most sarcasm I can muster up at this moment), to tell the masses to ‘go with your gut’, but not STRESS how important it is? It’s because that ‘someone’ knew that the more people used that intuition and paid attention to it, it would open more eyes and more would be done about the problems we have here in life on this planet. And TFs are here to help humanity open its eyes and wake up. That is why I feel TF missions are so important. It’s not getting into Union because websites tell us how wonderful life will be and the abundance we are going to have with them. Yeah, it sounds AWESOME. But, it’s not why we are all here.

Crap. I didn’t realize I started tearing into a whole different bag of potato chips there.

So, yeah. They ghost and run cuz they are like a deer in headlights. It’s their HOLY SHIT NO WAY moment and they run.

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