09-17-2019 Can Any Twin Flames Share Their Telepathic Experiences?

Having a hard time understanding if this is telepathy or just your mind going crazy? This poor TF posted that question on Quora.

One thing I have discovered from speaking with other Twin Flame couples, some in separation and some in Union, is that every case is DIFFERENT. I haven’t seen ONE case of telepathy experiences the same as another. I read one Twin Flame DF say her and her DM only have telepathy when they sleep. I had one DF say her and her DM will play with it and used the example that she would think to herself, “See you later alligator,” and he would say out loud back to her, “After a while, crocodile.” (Those two are in Union.) I just read a response a DF had stated that she could be thinking of the word, say, ‘popcorn’, and her DM will use a sentence with the word ‘popcorn’ in it.

I’m in Separation with mine and we haven’t spoken in over 5 months. But, telepathically, we never shut up. The only time I feel like we aren’t conversing somehow telepathically is if I am actively chatting with someone else in the physical. Otherwise, my brain is thinking thoughts constantly and I can assure you, they are not all mine. They are HIS, too.

Like today, I left the house without brushing my teeth. Hey, it happens to everybody once in a while, right? But, if I hear ONE MORE THOUGHT today about how I didn’t brush my teeth before I left, I swear I will wring his neck the moment I see him in 3D.

DM: You didn’t brush your teeth.

ME: I know. I forgot after I ate at Grandpa’s.

DM: I reminded you before you left.

ME: But, I didn’t want to battle the rooster. Why is this a big deal?

(Later after I get to the coffeehouse to do my writing.)

DM: You have your Altoids with you? You didn’t brush your teeth.

ME: YES, you KNOW I have them with me. STOP about my teeth.

DM: I’m just saying.

ME: No, you KEEP saying…

2 thoughts on “09-17-2019 Can Any Twin Flames Share Their Telepathic Experiences?

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  1. You don’t even know how bang on your blog posts are.

    My twin flame and I are constantly in each other’s heads too. He said he can feel how I’m feeling all the time. Even though we live hundreds of miles away from each other now. We always know what each other is thinking. There are just no words needed. Separation is now at 1 month and I still feel him and think about him 24fucking7. There ain’t no switch for this shit.


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